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DPC Triple Disc Billet Converter Lifetime Warranty

$1,295.00 $1,250.00

The triple disc converter is a common upgrade to improve the strength of the dodge drive train with today’s upgraded power levels. Our triple disc converters come with a new billet clutch piston that eliminates the factory dampening springs. The stock springs collapse and coil bind at 700 ft lbs of torque, which over time produces metal contamination to your transmission fluid. Coupled with our billet front cover, this gives you a converter that easily handles 750 hp. If a dampened clutch apply piston suits your needs, we offer a triple disc that is tunable for your torque level. The dampening springs are tunable from 700 ft lbs of torque up to 1100 ft lbs of torque. This converter is perfect for the camper puller that has mild upgrades, uses exhaust braking, and wants extra piece of mind.