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Remanufactured Engines Limited Warranty

Breakin Period

Breakin oil additive with ZDDP should be used the first and second oil changes.  We use the Lucas brand.  It can be purchased at most common parts stores.  Use a good quality 15-40 oil.  First oil change should be done at 500 miles.  Then go to normal schedule.  We recommend not exceeding 5000 miles per service.  


What is Covered Under This Warranty?

This limited warranty covers the failure of this remanufactured long block, (engine), due to defects in materials or workmanship on the part of the remanufacturer for a period of time based on the usage and application listed below. Your warranty begins on the original purchase date and does not renew if replaced during the warranty period.

Engine must be installed by ASE certified or approved installer to have full warranty. 

Mechanical oil pressure gauge must be used at engine startup and oil pressure recorded.  

What is NOT Covered Under This Warranty?

PLEASE READ: Warranty does not cover loss or damage due to faulty injectors.  Even if we supply the injectors, we cannot be held  liable for the cleanliness of the fuel system from the tank to the engine.  It is highly recommend that you upgrade your fuel system to an Airdog or FASS or at least a fuel filter/water separator kit and make sure your tank is clean and free of water and dirt.  Check all fuel lines, injector lines, fuel rail, etc  for signs of rust, dirt and moisture. Check FCA for cleanliness if you are reusing the injector pump.  It is highly recommended to use new fuel crossover tubes.  Also, check you turbocharger and intercooler for any oil.  If the front oil seal is bad on the turbo, it will pump oil into the intercooler and once the engine gets hot enough to burn the oil, it will run away and self destruct.  

This warranty does not cover damage or loss due to the following:

Damage caused by installation or related vehicle problems is not covered, as well as installation in a vehicle for which it was not designed or purchased for. (Example: the engine must be ordered for the exact vehicle in which it is installed). 

Misuse, maintenance neglect, abuse, vandalism, abnormal operation, environmental conditions, or accidents. Internal modification with aftermarket performance parts or the use of Nitrous (NOS), water/meth, etc.  If these parts or products are to be used, you need to contact us first so that we are aware of the changes.  In the event that a failure occurs on a preformance engine, we will need some sort of data s to what the conditions were as far as EGT's, Boost, Drive Pressure, Timing, etc

Overheating of this engine voids any warranty for labor or replacement. All vehicles are equipped with warning devices (gauges and lights), please be sure they are operational.

Damage caused by lack of lubricants or fluids that lead to engine failure will void the warranty. You are asked to maintain your vehicle at regular intervals and be able to provide us with those service records. Fuel washing, or any other dilution of the engine lubricant can void warranty. Damage from electrolysis or where periodic maintenance services required by the manufacturer have not been performed can also void warranty.

Failure caused by components or parts not furnished by the remanufacturer.

Damage caused to engine thrust bearing from defective torque converters, clutch assemblies, engine or transmission mounts.

Any repairs not authorized or approved by the remanufacturer will void the warranty. Engines removed without approval will be subject to core credit only.

How Long Does the Coverage Last?

Your warranty begins on the original date of purchase. The length of the term is based on usage and application as listed below. Your warranty does not renew if the engine is replaced during the warranty period.

Performance Engines are on a case by case basis.  We will discuss warranty as the build is planned.  

No Refunds on Engines